Ryk ( pronounced Rick) started in the lithography, or 4 colour printing industry then decided to get into the photography and graphics business. He started at Seneca then quickly moved up to Ryerson. He studied Commercial photography and  had great luck and probably some talent which saw him producing bus shelter posters, billboards and magazine pages for fine jewellery and the the prestigious pages of American Vogue, paid and credited.

He lives in Burlington and shoots photos and video as well as producing Stock.




Meadow Lane

Burlington ON


Tel 905 333 5733

Cel 905 407 0076


Main site rykphoto.com


Larger Images:

The 650 pixel size is plenty for the starters of businesses or those on a restricted budget.

If you require print or full screen images then we can accommodate you.

The price will be $10 each image for up to 5 images emailed to you. ( eg. 5 images $50. - 3 images $30 plus tax)

You must send a separate email with the file number(s) pasted into the email so no typos occur. Access the file number when you save the image as.

For more than 5 images you may contact me for a discount.


At this level you can ask for general lightening or darkening as these images came right off the camera.


You will get a high quality .jpg


Image sizes vary from 3000 X 2000 to 7360 to 4912 pixels.


Some variations because of cropping may exist.


With this option you can request general lightening or darkening as these images are right from the camera.